Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Christmas Fun in New Jersey

The biggest thing, of course, is that baby Jesus came, and He had a nice soft bed of hay in our manger.  He's also wrapped in a scarf because we think he looks cold.  What is it with these depictions of Jesus wearing only a diaper? Who leaves a newborn like that?  It says she swaddled Him!

We had a lot of fun at Mumpy and Pa's house.  Their lake was completely unfrozen - quite a surprise since it had been ice bound when we visited a few weeks before!

I remember many years when the lake was frozen enough to skate at Christmas.

It wasn't always cold enough for that, so Christmas skating was always  a special treat. 

This year's special treat was fishing!

We didn't catch anything (the fish who bite for rod and reel fishing are asleep at the bottom of the lake, I think), but that was a fine treat for me.  I love to cast, but don't like to catch and remove fish!

We also went off to play at the super playground. The stuff they have for kids these days is amazing! Back in my day, our playgrounds were definitely not this fabulous!

 Wow, I managed to get "kids these days" and "back in my day" in the same paragraph, the very definition of geezing!

 Speaking of amazing, Mumpy gave Zorg a beard and mustache (out of whipped cream) for Christmas!  I wish I had managed to get a better picture - it was a sight to behold!

And, speaking of a sight to behold, a day or two before Christmas, Oob lost his super wiggly front tooth!

Merry Christmas indeed!
Mumpy and Pa's Nativity Set

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