Friday, January 9, 2015

Do Science!

They're going to spy on penguins for science?
Did you see?  I've added a new set of links to my sidebar: Do Science!  These are links to projects that actual researchers have asked for help with from the public.

The umbrella site for these projects is Zooniverse, and it is well worth a look. 

Interested in astronomy?  We have blogged about Galaxy Zoo in the past, but they have nine other space projects to choose from: Want to look for another Earth? Try Planethunters. Want to see explosions within the sun? Try Solar Stormwatch.

And there are so many other projects!  You could track climate data from old ship's logs, or decipher ancient Greek, or catalog war diaries from The Great War.  They have ten different wildlife monitoring projects going on, everything from plankton to penguins!  And they have biomedical and physics projects, too.

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