Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Klenda!

 Klenda is now sweet 16!

To celebrate, she had a Hawaiian Tie Dye party with her friends.

It's hard to see but that's a pineapple shaped cake.  On the inside it's a pineapple-banana- coconut-tie-dyed cake (because we like to keep things simple).

We had paper leias which we attempted to tie dye, and shirts which we actually tie dyed.

We had homemade palm trees with brown coconuts.  Klenda explained that even though we know they should be green, most people do not recognize them unless they are brown.

We told Zorg she was having a horror themed birthday party.

It was a sleepover, since tie dying takes time.  The girls watched Persuasion, talked, giggled, played a ukelele (Klenda had jokingly told her friends it was BYOU, and it turned out one friend had been to Hawaii and actually had a ukelele! And, yes, Annebelle, I am now pronouncing it correctly, thank you!!), and did not sleep.

In the morning, over pancakes,  the kids had a wide ranging discussion. They talked about philosophy, Catholic and Christian apologetics,  language in Jane Austen versus Shakespeare, and the laws of physics.  Is this a home schooled thing, or do other teens talk like this?

 In other birthday news, on her actual birthday, we went to the National Gallery, out to the Silver Diner for dinner, and then home for this remarkable cake (which she helped bake the day before).

It has layers of torte, chocolate mousse, seedless raspberry jam, and chocolate whipped cream coated with shavings of white chocolate. 

I think we'll call it Chocolate Bliss. Pretty sweet!

16 Sweet Things About Klenda

1. She can carve wood really well.
2. She's one lesson away from finishing Pre Calculus!
3. She paints Bionicle portraits in watercolor.
4. She plays the piano and recorder by ear.
4. She writes all kinds of stories.
5. She loves to go to Adoration.
6. Puns!  Did I mention puns?!
6. She does a fantastic Irish accent.
7. She loves Jane Austen books and movies.
8. She can make a swoon worthy chocolate mousse.
9. I'll bet she could make a good chocolate moose, too!
9. She bakes wonderful bread.
10. Ella habla Espanol!
11. She can drive!
11. She's a Junior Lady of Charity.
12. She writes her own poetry!
13. She's a spot on hilarious mimic. 
14. She loves to swing dance! 
14. When she's baking, she does a ridiculous French accent.
15. She can make movies!
16. She is a kind and patient sister.
16. She is a good and loyal friend.
16. She is a sweet and loving daughter!


Annabelle said...

Yeah for the Hawaiian party! Happy Birthday Klenda! Here is a link for an ukulele player who is very popular here. He changed the way the ukulele is played just in the last 20 years, from strumming along to playing it more like a guitar. My husband and I went to see him in concert and it was amazing.


Wendy said...

Fantastic! The kids wore the leis you sent, too. Zorg looked amazing with red Hawaiian shirt, black jeans and that big black seed lei!