Friday, January 30, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: Scouts, Swing, and Pig Snouts

 1. Choclo made this cool little racer in Cub Scouts!  It was a kit based on Erector sets - remember those?  Choclo had done innumerable Lego sets, but nothing you had to bolt together.

He did a great job with the car, and then made this little scene to keep it in!
2. Zorg picked up this snazzy purple fedora, and he has been wearing it everywhere.

March for Life, sure.  Camping, yep.  Sledding, why not?

The amazing thing to me is that people always seem to have the same reaction: startle, smile, and, "Nice hat!"

To which Zorg grins, gives an elegant bow and a sweep of the marvelous hat, "Thanks!"

3.  In other fashion news, Klenda and Leena went swing dancing!  The Junior Ladies of Charity sponsored the dance to benefit Christians in the Middle East.

We dropped them off at 6 and picked them up at 9 and, as near as I can tell, they danced the entire 3 hours.

The picture is from after the dance, so I think they would have danced another three hours if we had left them there!

One of the things that I find interesting (besides that my kids are all better dancers than I am), is that there were about the same numbers of boys and girls at the dance, all equally enthused about dancing!

4.  Our boys happened to be off camping for the Polar Plunge, or they would have been dancing, too.  As it was they: camped outside, jumped in the Chesapeake Bay, went for ice cream, and then camped again.

And one of them was wearing a purple fedora.

Our Scouts are the real deal!!

I'm going to have more hot chocolate now.

5.  Which reminds me.

Dear Boston: we can haz snow, too?

We keep getting light snows of an inch or two, but we'd really like a nice 6-8" storm!

See, I really do like cold and snow when I have a nice warm house, dry fluffy socks, and a hot tea kettle.

6. Choclo and Oob are on another playdoh binge.

Here we have a man with a fork and knife about to eat a burger larger than his head.
And here we have a flock of cute chickens (and a chick) about to eat a plate of pig snouts.

Which actually isn't as creepy as it sounds: we call tuna salad "pig snouts."

Maybe that's more creepy.

7. Favorite overheard remark (from Choclo):

"Stupid, stupid laws of physics!!"

Well, who hasn't had a day like that?!

Have a great weekend, more fun with Kelly!

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