Tuesday, June 16, 2015


When Sue, over at Stories of an Unschooling Family,  published a series on using Evernote to record home schooling, I was very curious, but I didn't want to switch methods in the middle of the semester. I bookmarked it and thought I'd look at it over the Christmas break.

Well, with illness in the family, that didn't happen either, but now that summer is here, I'm between school years, and it's the perfect time to try it out!

Here are Sue's blog posts. This is the first post.

And here are her videos.

Between the two, I ought to be able to figure it out.  She makes it look very easy!

My only question is if I could do Evernote and still have enough creative energy/computer time to keep going with my blog.  I started the blog as a way of recording home school stuff, but it's expanded to sharing ideas, meeting friends, and, with Blog 2 Print, making a concrete way to remember all the joys (and some of the sorrows) of our home school journey. 

That's why I've never tried Facebook or Twitter, if I put my energy there, I wouldn't have it here.

Still, with the summer to try it out, I'll have my best shot of making it easy by the time I "need" to record things, and the worst case scenario is that I will have learned a new system.  Evernote looks like it would be useful for organizing all sorts of ideas- maybe I can get the Emperor to learn it with me!


Sue Elvis said...


Thanks for mentioning me and my posts! Evernote is as easy as it looks! I can understand your concern about not having time for Evernote as well as your blog. For me, blogging is different to my Evernote notebooks though I do share some of my Evernote content on my blog if I feel it might be useful. Evernote doesn't take up much of my time so I'm happy to use it as well as blog. One thing I especially like about Evernote is the facility to share notebooks with my girls. I can add interesting articles etc for them to find. They can also add their own notes to my homeschool notebooks.

Enjoy exploring Evernote!

Zarina Quinn said...

I've tried Evernote but honestly I love a free app called ColorNote. It has a note taking, checklist making, and calendar/appointment reminder function with all the colors for color coding. I adore it!