Thursday, December 3, 2015

Botanical Gardens Part 1

 It was the third gray, rainy, chilly day in a row: the perfect day to visit the Botanical Gardens holiday train display!

This year's theme was "Pollination Station," sort of a mash up of the trains and, well pollinators, all made of natural objects.
 Some of these were amazingly creative, like this giant butterfly made of gourds, twigs, and leaves.
 Hummingbirds are Oob's favorite animals.  Here he's trying to look like this hummer!

 My favorite was the hummingbird feeding babies in a tiny nest.
But some of them came off a little...oddly, like these very large bats.

Not pictured are the (rather creepy) meter long centipedes made of seed pods.

Overall, I liked the display, but I think I prefer when they do buildings!

The gardens are all indoors in different sections of the glass building, all beautifully decorated.

We had a lot of fun looking through the sections of jungle and desert (the kids are putting on their invisible cowboy costumes).

 They have an entire section of hundreds of kinds of poinsettias!


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