Friday, December 4, 2015

Botanical Gardens Part 2

 Continuing the "made from natural materials" theme, the Botanical Gardens had a couple of stands for kids to do pictures.

Here we have the girls.

Then the younger boys.

Then the older boys.

All very silly!

I think our favorite was the little train.

In the center was an enormous Douglas Fir from somewhere out west. It was dripping with lights and ornaments and skirted by a tiny town and a Christmas train - the perfect place for a family picture!

You may remember that this is my annual moment of thanks for Photoshop.
This year, with Mxyl at college, I knew we weren't getting that picture here, so I just went with it. Some kids wanted to look tough, some wanted to look silly, some (evidently) wanted to go hitch hiking, and I wanted to give Zorg rabbit ears.  I think it turned out rather well, actually- probably because my friend Shelli took the picture!

One last picture from their outside gardens.  I love this picture partly because I lucked into a beautiful composition, but mostly because Choclo is wearing his coat upside down.

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Sue Elvis said...


I love your photos. It looks like you all had a lot of fun at the botanic gardens. What a great place! I enjoyed looking at the photos in Part 1 too.