Monday, January 27, 2014

Can We Come "See" You?

Excellent news!  We've come into a heap of imaginary money!  We've decided to use it to take a once in a life time imaginary trip around the world to see all the places we've always wanted to see! (I know it's a lot of exclamation points, but we're, understandably, very excited)

We are going to figure out how and when to travel where we want to go, where to stay, what to see, what to eat, and how much it's all going to cost.  If you live in any of these places, let us know in the comments what is fun to go and do or see, and if we can "stay" with you. If you live in a different country, let us know why we should come visit!

Don't worry, we aren't going to physically show up on your doorstep, you'll just be giving us a virtual tour of fun stuff to do near where you live.  That probably means just telling us in the comments (we'll find pictures online to post about our trip).  If you have a blog, you can post about our imaginary visit, and we can link to you.  Which I guess would make us your imaginary friends.  But just remember,there are eight of us, so it'll be an imaginary party!

Here are our plans so far:
Starting where we live near Washington DC, USA
Hawaii (can we come see you Annabelle? We'd like to see one of the volcanoes, and a beach)
Australia (what do you think, Sue? I'd like to see your gum trees. And blue fairy penguins, although I think they are south of you,and, oh, lots of Aussie stuff!  You live in Leena's favorite country!)
Japan (We'll have Mxyl show us around)
Mongolia (the land of the Great Khan: I still yearn for a yurt)
India (probably in the north, near New Delhi)
Svalbard (hoping to time it to see the polar bear cubs and northern lights)
Iceland (glaciers and hot springs)
Denmark (Choclo wants to see the original Legoland)
Germany (where I was born and Neuschwanstein Castle)
Spain (Tia and Tio!)
Switzerland (to see Angel and her husband and their new baby girl)
Rome, Italy (Vatican City!)
Jerusalem, Israel (Holy Land sites)
Egypt (pyramids, of course!  And we'd like to cruise on the Nile)
Ethiopia (the great stone churches)
Kenya (Safari heaven)
Zimbabwe (Great Zimbabwe)
Antarctica (penguins and southern lights)
Chile (cruise along the Andes, more penguins)
Peru (Machu Picchu and the source of the Amazon)
Brazil (Amazon river and Rio)
Guatemala (Seeing friends and Aztec and Mayan ruins)
Back home to Washington DC! 

Around the world in 80 days?  I think it might take longer...

Naturally, you're invited to join us on our travels by way of the blog!


Sue Elvis said...


What a wonderful idea. I love going places in my imagination. And you are quite welcome to stop by and visit us. I can't wait to see your Australian entry! Yes, no fairy penguins near us, though they are found in Australia. We aren't near the coast. Lots of gum trees though!

Annabelle said...

Yeah! The Zoomilians are coming to Hawaii! Yes you can stay with us :) (thank goodness it is imaginary or we would be a little tight!) Although if you want to do a realistic budget try reservations at the Outrigger in Waikiki, my friends say it is "affordable" for Waikiki and still on the beach. fyi the average tourist spends $199 per day per person (!)

OK, places to go:
On the island of Oahu (pronounced "Oh AHH who" not "Oh WAH who"):
Hawaii Kai where we live is the home of Hanauma Bay,the best snorkeling on Oahu. Look up my favorite fish the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. Waikiki is the major tourist area and beaches. It is a tiny microclimate that has the best of the best weather on the island. Iolani Palace, where I took my inlaws today, is the only royal palace on US Territory. The last queen of Hawaii was imprisoned here for 9 months in one of the bedrooms before she abdicated and Hawaii became a US territory. The 'North Shore' is home to the famous Waimae Bay (in a Beach Boys song) and a huge surf tournament named after the famed Eddie Aikau. There is a famous saying "Eddie would go". I'll let you do the research into what that refers to. The 'Bonzai Pipeline' is also another famous surf beach. BIG waves in the winter time only. The Dole Plantation is a fun place to see the origins of the pineapple industry and serves awesome 'Dole whip' a pineapple flavored ice cream. It also has a hedge maze that in 2008 was the 'largest hedge maze in the world'. Also, my kids' favorite local beach is Makapu'u Beach, it is beautiful.

The island of Molokai was the home of St. Damien's settlement for lepers, Kalaupapa. Oct 2012 saw the canonization of St. Mother Marianne Cope who worked with him. Hawaii loves "their" saints. fyi leprosy is now called "Hansen's disease".

The "big" island of Hawaii is bigger than all of the other islands combined and is home to Volcano National Park, black sand beaches, the southern most point in the US, the Ironman Triathlon World championships and Kona coffee.

Haven't been to Kauai or Maui yet. You will be on your own there!

Humpback whales spend their winters in Hawaii. Some 10,000 they say. I have only seen some 'blowing' and one breaching way out there.

Try some of these local dishes if you can find a recipe (or I can send them): loco moco (the beef patty is like a salisbury steak), manapua, spam musubi, kalua pork and macadamia nuts. Lots of asian dishes here since that is the majority of the population.

The Hawaiian alphabet is only 12 letters and although somewhat easy to pronounce it is hard to distinguish to the untrained ear. White people are called 'haoles'(pronounced 'howlies' and it is not derogatory at saying "she has blonde hair"). Aloha really means 'love' not hello/goodbye and they use it that way.

Well, that should be enough for some fun searching!

Sending lots of aloha and warmth your way!!

shoot an email to me if you want a few photos ...w a c l i n g e r at gmail dot c o m

Can't wait to see you!