Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Birthday, Klenda!

 Klenda is 18!  She's officially an adult!

This is super special to me because she nearly died as a baby.  Her life was saved with major surgery, but we were only given a 5% percent chance of  being completely  physically normal- and she hit that 5%!

Actually, she may have overshot the mark a bit!

And here she is, this bright, lovely, talented young woman who brings such joy to our lives!

I imagine turning 18 was pretty special to her, too, so we had a party with her friends
 And a party with extended family.

And a party with "just" the 8 of us!

In which she was given hats, obviously.

18 Great Things About Klenda

1. She looks great in hats.
2. She can do Parkour.
3. She loves tea.
3. She is an amazing artist and writer!
4. She makes a killer chocolate buttercream pie.
5. She helps out without being asked.
5. She's a thoughtful and loving daughter.
6. She's a super supportive sister.
7. She brings me tea!
8. She loves to go to Adoration.
8. She's fluent in Bionicle and Transformers!
9. She draws amazing pictures on napkins and post-it notes.
10. She's a loyal friend.
11. She's a Eucharistic Minister.
11. She can speak in iambic pentameter.
12. She has a beautiful singing voice.
13. She's the BCC's resident artist.
13. She can play piano, recorder, and kazoo.
14. She loves to try new things.
15. She sometimes runs in slow motion so I can pass her.
16. She's an amateur nutritionist.
16. She's a deadly punster.
17. She loves to cook and bake.
18. She notices when someone is down and cheers them up.

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