Monday, March 20, 2017

Gospel Dessert: Woman at the Well

 One of our favorite Gospels and one of our favorite Gospel desserts!

Blue jello in a sort of fountainy shape for the water.
And then we build the well around it with chocolate rice crispy treats!

In the unlikely event that you've never made these, you melt half a stick of butter and a handful of chocolate chips (in a large pot), then stir in a package of marshmallows (small are easiest, but normal size is fine).  When the whole mess is melted, add 8 cups of rice crispy cereal and stir it all together.

You spread it out on foil, and cut it into bricks when cool.

One word of caution, because the bricks touch the jello, you can't assemble this in advance (the jello will make the bricks soggy).

Enjoy! We are almost half way through Lent!


Sue Elvis said...


Almost halfway through Lent? Oh my, the weeks are disappearing quickly! Did you create this dessert recipe yourself? Perhaps you make it every year? I love how we do the same traditions year after year. Yesterday we enjoyed some St Joseph Day pastries. We tried to count up the number of times we've made these treats and it was impossible. Lots!

Wendy said...

Yes, it's funny how the kids love traditions! I remember trying to come up with them, and it seems like all the silly ones stuck! Gospel desserts we do every year, and some, like this one, are old favorites we invented, while others are tries at something new.

What is it with St. Joseph and pastries? We do that to- we made cream puffs!

Ok, I guess I love the traditions too!