Thursday, March 22, 2018

Happy Birthday, Leena!

Leena is 16!

We had fun celebrating her birthday with a dinner out with extended family, bowling and cake with us, and a trip up to NJ, complete with photo bombing cousins!

16 Great Things About Leena
1. Holy cow, she has over a thousand subscribers on her You Tube channel!
2. She has more than 50 compositions on her Sound Cloud Channel!
3. She tells horribly hilarious jokes and puns.
3. She's always willing to help out.
4. She likes to do math with me.
5. She plays piano in the basement and the whole house sounds great!
5. She really cares about other people.
6. She is a gerbil whisperer.
7. She loves to swing dance.
7. She likes to cheer people up.
8. She has a beautiful singing voice.
9. She's a sweet and loving sister.
9. She draws amazingly well.
10.  She can have fun with people much older than she is.
12. She can have fun with people much younger than she is.
12. She's great at audio and video editing!
13. She's a sweet and loving daughter.
13. She makes great baked beans.
14. She writes scripts, short stories, and novellas.
15. She's always up for an adventure.
16. She's a wonderful voice actress.
16. She and I are in charge of the flowers for our parish!

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