Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Awesome History: 1971-1972

This was pages 298-307 in The American Story by Jennifer Armstrong:Nixon and China, Bobby Fischer, and Marlon Brando.

For our art activity, we painted cherry blossoms using Sumi-e bamboo brushes.  Klenda taught this, and the paintings came out really well!

This was a reference to China and the Chinese cultural exchange opened up by "ping pong diplomacy."

 For our active activity (Bobby Fischer), we did chess.  All the older kids loved this, but we had other games available for the younger kids.

This was a plus for me, since I got to play my favorite "little kid's" game, Mystery Garden.  All of my kids have outgrown it, but our younger students were as enraptured as the Zoomlians had been.

And for our snack, we had egg rolls.

We are now in the part of history that I lived through, but before I really remember it (I was a toddler). 

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