Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Awesome History: 1973- 1981

 This was pages 308-329 in The American Story by Jennifer Armstrong: Billie Jean King (Women's Lib), Watergate, Muhammad Ali, the Edmund Fitzgerald, Mount St. Helens, Pac Man.

Our active activity was this fine baking soda and vinegar volcano. My mom grew up near (and camping on) Mount St. Helens, and I was 10 when it blew.  Ash rained down on my grandmother's house, and she mailed us some.  I went back a few years later and it looked something like this, but with more blasted tree trunks jutting from the ground like giant ribs.

 Our active activity was Pac Man tag.  If you haven't played it, it's very easy. 

You draw lines on your driveway (or use painted lines in a gym) and the Pac Man chases the other players along the lines, usually working their arms like Pac Man's mouth.

The way we played it, everyone did a fast walk, and you could not reach across lines.  If you were caught, you sat down, blocking your line.
 Our snack was goldfish crackers.  I think we were thinking of the lost ship, the Edmund Fitzgerald, and we may have been thinking it was a fishing vessel.  Actually it was the largest ship in the great lakes, and it hauled coal.

Regardless, Klenda played the song on her guitar, and then Leena played it on the piano, and my brain played it on endless loop for the rest of the day!

And we are almost done!  The last class will finish the book and we are already talking about what to do next year...

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