Friday, April 26, 2019

Seven Quick Takes: Armadillos, Jerks and Your Missing Shoe

 1. Klenda continues to amaze at art school.  She had to take a classical painting, turn it into a sculpture, and add an animal.

She chose a mama armadillo.

Did you know that armadillos always have identical quadruplets?

  Klenda did, and they are adorabubs.

 2. I forgot to blog this but don't want to forget it!  For April Fools Day dinner, I made Surprise Pizza Monkey Bread.

It's pizza dough with sauce cheese and random toppings rolled into a ball, then baked together.

The surprise was the random toppings: you had no idea if you were choosing a roll with pineapple and ham or sausage and mushroom.

I think I did about 6 combinations over 24 rolls.

 3. Mike would like you to know that the little plastic tip on your shoelace is called an aglet.

And he'd like to remove it for you. You know, if it's bothering you.

It's what he does.

4.  Here's Leena, looking fabulous in a super quick scarf I finger knitted in about 10 minutes.

And here's my sister, looking fabulous in the blanket I knitted for her in about 10 hours.

They both really like purple!

5.  Can I just ask, who thought we needed more geomagnetic jerks?!

6.  The Emperor fulfilled his long cherished dream of cleaning out the younger boys' closet.

He found shoes. That line is all the shoes without mates.

If you're wondering where your child's shoe went, the answer probably is: my house.

 7. Our gigantic cookie jar is filled with pretzels all Lent.

Oh those first cookies after Easter!!

Bonus: I just did a post on my garden (which peaks in spring), but I can't resist saying here: I love foxgloves!!!

And verbascum.

Have a beautiful weekend!

More fun with Kelly!

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