Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Best Reason to be Busy!

We had a fantastic visit with our dearly loved Fr. Pinto!

He told us wonderful stories (if you ever thought holiness was boring, now there is a man with an interesting life!).

He showed us how to cook chapatis!

He said Mass for us and consecrated our chalice!

We watched Ostrov!

We went to DC and did the Natural History Museum (my personal favorite and the one that always seems to lose out to Air and Space with house guests)!

He gave talks on finding your personal path to holiness!

Mostly we just enjoyed sitting and talking over many many cups of tea...

He is very encouraging and very loving and patient with kids (and adults!). I know many more people that like kids in the abstract than really enjoy being with them (especially a lot of them) and he falls into that rare second category.

The only down side was that when he left the kids dissolved into a flood of tears... But we are feeling better and hope he comes back soon!!

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Kate in NJ said...

What a nice visit!