Friday, April 17, 2009

Garden Time

This time of year, calendar time gives way to garden time. It starts with Snowdrop Time - which means it will be Crocus Time soon! We are now just past the Time of the Popcorn Trees (flowering pears to most of the world) and past peak for daffodils and tiptoeing into Tulip Time.

All of this is linked to garden chores: daffodils blooming means it's time to plant peas and lettuce. When the lilacs start to bloom, we'll know the tomatoes will be happy outside. And of course, it's never a bad time to weed...

It's a little odd to me because I grew up farther north and at a higher elevation. There Rose Time was solidly in June. Here that's early May. Oob was born in Rose Time, and one of my fondest memories is of rocking him on the front porch beneath a bower of roses, tickling his cheeks with baby soft rose petals.

What time is it where you are?

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Queen of Carrots said...

The tulips are past their peak here, and the lilacs are on the verge of blooming--it still seems rather early for tomatoes, though. I just got peas and lettuce in this week, as it was chilly and wet last week (and the week before Easter, to boot).