Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Plans

Lots of great stuff going on!

We've started a major excursion into Astronomy with an emphasis on space exploration! The centerpiece of this is the 4 co-op classes I am teaching (starting this Wednesday). I am teaching Rocket Science! Well, OK, Model Rocket Science!

My dear friend Mrs. B has managed to charm the socks off of Choclo and Oob, which means they are willing to stay at her house, which means I can teach without them!! Dear as they are, they make physics demonstrations difficult.

I will be teaching Newton's Laws of Motion , some chemistry, and how to build rockets. We'll do a rocket each class with the last class devoted to building the ones that will be launched at NASA Goddard!

So, I have been designing stuff for my guys based around the classes. So far we've done a great book on the big bang, started The Young Astronomer, and built the telescope we got for Christmas! And watched some amazing library videos.

I am planning to also use a moon phases kit, Google Space, Google Mars, There's No Place Like Space, random library books, lots of model making, and our local observatory. And the sky. We may do the Air & Space Museum, or the Annex. NASA Goddard also has a great mini museum with real rockets.

So far, we're having a blast!

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Kate in NJ said...

Awesome! I can't wait to check out your links.