Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Laid Plans

So this was it: we were going to start up for real this week with our First Day of No School followed by the plunge into US history!

And then, last Thursday night, we got a stomach bug. Not bad as these things go, but Choclo was ill for three days. Then he was fine and, by Sunday afternoon, we (OK, I) started to think maybe it was just something he ate... WHAM! The other seven of us got it within 24 hours.

We are all fine by today, so, not too bad, but not the right way to start off the school year, either!

We've decided to construct our time lines this week, and do our First Day of No School tomorrow or Friday. We're sort of using the time to work up an appetite for the history project (and weed the garden/clean the furnace filters/paint the border in the girls' room, you know, all the projects we thought we'd get to over the summer). Maybe that's not such a bad plan, after all!

Especially since I retain the idea (from my youth) that any school done before Labor day is sort of cheating, anyway!

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