Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crazy Day

The emperor is out of state on a visit to a friend. He's actually only gone for a night and a day, but he is very much missed. In the interest of lightening the mood, we declared today to be Crazy Day.

The kids wore crazy clothes.

Oob isn't in that picture because he had found the bowl for the strawberry shortcakes in the kitchen.

No, he's not smiling; bowl licking is serious business!

Those strawberry shortcakes were the dessert we had for breakfast.

We also had dinner for lunch (dinosaur chicken nuggets, that's actually a pretty crazy concept by itself) and we'll have breakfast (pancakes) for dinner.

We then moved on to foot painting (instead of finger painting). Four 30' rolls of paper later, we had 120 feet of foot paintings! And very messy feet.

And we made chocolate chip cookies - they were crazy good!

The crazies got derailed for a while when we discovered that a new Book Worm Adventure had come out! Yeah, it is $20, but we've probably spent 50 hours on the last Book Worm Adventure (sample it here for free), and certain Zoomlians with serious spelling issues have improved dramatically...

In a little while we'll make finger people!

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