Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Air and Space Annex

In honor of Zorg's birthday, we went to the Air and Space Annex near Dulles airport. We had never been there, but I am sure we will go again!

We hung out in the observation tower, watching planes land and learning about air traffic control.

We saw early jet packs!

We saw Optimus Prime!

We even saw R2D2! Yes, it is a mailbox, but Leena was quite taken with it.

It's not possible to show all the cool things: we loved the Blackbird and the Enola Gay.

This Huey is special to us because my Dad served in Vietnam War.

But the best had to be the space shuttle Enterprise!

The kids were very surprised to see that the outer skin was made up of little heat shielding tiles. From a distance (and in toy form) the shuttle looks smooth.

Second best was the space toys!

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Tracy said...

We had my Dad's name added to one of the plaques outside a few years ago as a Christmas present to him. He was a helicopter pilot and instructor in the Air Force. It was really fun to go there and see his name, along with all the other awesome exhibits. I wish we lived closer to DC so that we could go more often!