Thursday, September 10, 2009

US History: Wrapping Up Native Americans!

We're wrapping up this mini unit. I thought it would be tough to get back into it after 5 days off and our jaunt to Air and Space, but it wasn't too bad.

We did the punch out North Western Village as our diorama. Klenda and Mxyl did most of it, and they had a good time. I think I will have them glue it onto a board so that we can keep it in our museum as part of our diorama time line.

We spent more time on our time line today. Did you know that agriculture sprang up all around the world around the same time? Between 10, 000 and 8,000 B.C. from North and South America to the Fertile Crescent, everyone figured out how to grow food.

Back to the Native Americans, we made our moccasins while sitting outside and enjoying the fine weather. This project turned out to be tremendously fascinating, not only to the Zoomlians, but to everyone who passed by.

I would definitely recommend the kits. They worked out to be the right balance of complexity and practical "doability." And now they all have self made shoes!

I'm sure that we will do more with Native Americans as we go into the colonial period, but for now, we are starting to look at the Pre- Columban explorers, particularly the Vikings.

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