Monday, September 14, 2009

US History: The Age of Exploration vs. The Swine Flu

I've learned the hard way that you can't do high tide all the time! After the high tide mini unit on Native Americans, we are enjoying a quieter micro unit on the Age of Exploration.

This mostly is me (or a random kid) reading from our anchor book and all of us looking at the globe and time line. I am getting feedback by having them tell the Emperor about it over dinner.

In case you are wondering about the video idea, our recorder is not on speaking terms with our computer. After arguing with both, I've decided to try again after our friend Bill switches us over to a different computer.

Behind the scenes, I am gearing up for the Colonial mini unit. And dealing out ibuprofen.

Oh, yes, we do seem to have the swine flu! Klenda and Leena have it so far, and we are hoping it is quick and mild and does not completely derail our plans for the Inside Catholic banquet and my first retreat in 3 years (all next weekend). The girls are feeling OK - about the level of a bad cold as long as we keep the ibuprofen up and the fever down.

On the plus side, we could be over the whole thing before CCD, Scouts, and Co-op all start next week. And think of all the time, hassle, and expense we will save by not needing the vaccine.

I could just squeal with delight!

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