Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wild Kingdom Round 1: Chicks

First the chick update: our grand total is three chicks; the fourth egg was never fertilized. They are growing with astounding speed! The first two have already opened their eyes and are getting the beginnings of feathers (the process looks terribly itchy).

I don't know if you subscribe to the "ontology recapitulates phylogeny" theory, but the chicks look remarkably like dinosaurs to me!

We have started handling the larger chicks so that they are a little tamer than their parents (we hope). They are comically cute: gawky, soft, warm, fragile, and yet, oddly reptilian. It really has been a remarkable experience!

Lastly, here is a shot of the parents (in case, from the above pictures, you thought they were actually mutant zombie dinosaur chicks). The mom is Peace (the white one), and the dad is Joy (the blue one).

And, of course, you recognize Choclo feeding them while streams of grace shine forth from the heavens because that's just the kind of kid he is.

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