Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apple Mania!

We went apple picking with Grammy last week and discovered this formula: 6 Zoomlians + Larriland Farms + 10 minutes = 38 lbs of apples.

That's a lot of apples! The kids informed me that the next day would be Apple Day and thoughtfully provided me with a list of activities.

After a quick look, I went for "Apple Week," instead. I can only bake (or eat!) so many apples in one day!

Here is their list (with what we've done so far in bold):
Apple pie
Apple dumplings
Apple fritters
Bobbing for apples
Apple dippers
Apple butter
Caramel apples
Apple upside down cake
Just eating apples

Apple sauce and apple butter are always the last things since that's what we do with the left over apples when we are tired of them!

Zorg also told me about the Apple Game. I am supposed to get 6 colors of ribbons. I tie a ribbon onto an apple stem and hide the apple. I then tie a matching ribbon to the small present which is awarded to whomever finds the apple. He also told me solemnly that everyone should stop after they found an apple so that everything would be fair.

Incidentally, we also picked pumpkins and broccoli.

The pumpkins were fun, although I need to rethink my standing rule that you can't pick a pumpkin too heavy for you to carry. It turns out a remarkable number of Zoomlians can carry really remarkably large pumpkins at this point!

The broccoli picking turned out to be a thrilling hunt to find large heads to slice off. Choclo became very fond of the broccoli and carried a (severed) head (of broccoli) around with him for the rest of the day. Quite the Halloween experience!

We also picked up some beautiful squash and a few warty gourds at the barn there.

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