Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chick Update 1

Lest you think I can no longer blog without You Tube...

The chicks are hardly chicks anymore! This is what they looked like at two to three weeks old.

If you can believe it, they were all flying within two weeks of that picture!

The middle chick in the first picture now looks like this.

Not only did we get to watch them learn to fly, we also listened to them learn to sing. They went from random squeaks to more defined chirps, to actual songs.

This has also turned into an interesting study in genetics.

The mother, Peace, is mostly white with a little cobalt blue on her body. She also has light barring on her wings (barring on birds=stripes).

The father, Joy, is an electric turquoise blue with complete barring on his wings and head.

The chicks came out like this (and I do hope to get better pictures of each of them):

Courage is the oldest chick. He or she is mostly white with some turquoise on the body and some barring on the wings and head.

Love, the second chick, is pictured above. He or she is the same pattern and color as Courage, but with less barring.

Hope, the last chick, is a brilliant cobalt blue all over with complete barring on the wings and head.

Is the coloring sex linked? We have no idea. I think it will be another month until we can tell the sex of any of the chicks.

I simply must add: One of the things about the chicks learning to fly was that, for a week there, they frequently got lost. They would fly to the top floor, land among the beanbags in the library and chirp for help.

When they got lost, we were always searching for Courage, looking for Love and finding Hope. At least we always had Peace and Joy.

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