Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We're Back, Kinda.

Sorry for the long delay! We are in process with switching our main computer.

We also are in doubt about our camera.

A certain Zoomlian asked to borrow the camera to take a picture of their likeness sculpted in sand... then left the camera in the sandbox overnight... and it rained.

Fortunately, Mr. Bill is making a valiant attempt at camera resuscitation.

So, what have we been doing the last few weeks?

Watching the leaves change with weekly trips to the arboretum.

Finishing the Age of Discovery and rocketing into the Colonial Period.

Working on a major house cleaning and reorganization.

Starting bi-weekly swimming with lessons for the kids.

Working on hand taming the chicks. Can you believe they have all started flying?

Throw in a few minor medical crises, a number of social engagements, some home improvement projects, and we've been pretty busy!

I hope to blog in depth about the US History stuff soon.

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