Thursday, December 31, 2009


What a fun year!

It was the first year that the giant leaf vacuum truck came around and I did not think, "Oh, please! Come through my living room!!"

It was a year with lots of out and about adventures, not the least of which were the family vacations.

It was the year Oob really started talking.

It was the year Choclo became one of the big kids.

Best of all, it was the year Leena made her First Communion.

It was the year Zorg switched from a struggling reader to a reader who had to be told to put the book down, already!

It was the year Klenda hit double digits and started trouncing her parents with puns (dare we turn her loose on the world?).

It was the year Mxyl became one of the big scouts: everything from Summer camp to the Polar Bear Plunge.

It was the year the Emperor, into a bigger kid? Some milestone was reached, I'm sure!

For me, I think it was the year we transitioned from being a family with lots of little kids into a family with lots of kids. It's a bigger difference than I would have guessed.

Here's hoping you had a great year, and may next year be filled with love, joy and many blessings!

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