Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Anatomy and Physiology

It's been a crazy few weeks: last week Klenda started Spanish, Mxyl's Japanese class started up again, and we started Anatomy and Physiology!

This was my favorite class in high school, and it is what I consider the second most important class you ever take. 

The Emperor argues that English is the second most important, since you will always need to communicate, but I disagree.  You can move some where where no one speaks English, but wherever you go, you'll take your body with you.

The most important, of course, would be theology, since you'll need that even when you've moved where you don't take your body with you!

At any rate, I have 8 teens and we are having a great time learning about the human body.  We meet twice a week: once for lecture, once for lab.  We should finish up the A & P around Thanksgiving, and then we will add on a 5 class Bioethics course in December.

We are doing an amazing 13 dissections!  What you are seeing on that middle shelf is each kids dissection kit and specimen bag. 

The aprons and gloves go with the lab stuff.  I've found that lab coats are expensive, but aprons do a fine job fairly cheaply.  Plus they are easy to customize with permanent markers!


Anushka said...

One anatomy class in my background used modeling clay. We each had to make an accurate sculpture of a specific bone with all the muscle attachment spots and ports for arteries and vein.

Incidently, 8 students? Where did the other two come from? McK

Wendy said...

Actually only three are mine(I wouldn't trust Oob with a scalpel!). The rest are other home schooled teenage friends.