Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Vacation

Klenda Stylin'
Lest you think our vacation was all lolling about on beaches, it was not so!

We also went shopping with Grammy!
 We exercised! 

This was unexpected.  Next to a very nice playground was an exercise park for grown ups and teens.

Mxyl took full advantage!

 We rented a surrey!  This is like a big bike that will fit 8 people.  We've done this many times since the kids were little, and each year it gets more squished.

But we keep squishing in there, and now we have many more active pedallers.

 I got to fulfill my lifelong dream of riding in a surrey without pedalling! 

For a little while anyway.
And we lolled about inside and read!  I read the entire Glamourist Histories trilogy.  They are rather like Jane Austen with magic: very fun and relaxing.

Of course there's no Austen like actual Austen, so I ended up reading Mansfield Park when I got back.

It was a practically perfect vacation!

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