Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy First Day of No School!

 We had a lovely playground hop - six playgrounds, which I think is a new record for us!

One playground we had not visited in over a year and we were quite surprised to find that the old tennis court had been turned into a new skate park!

 What a fun day - it was so nice to relax and play together.

We also made it to the library, a favorite spot. 

 Leena asked a librarian where she could find more books about optical illusions, and the librarian was surprised that she had homework already!
Leena, of course, just likes optical illusions, but I guess they don't often see a kid researching their own interests.

Speaking of which, one part of the skate park was very steep, and it had turned into a caterpillar trap.  We rescued four large and interesting caterpillars, of which we took home three to try to raise in our butterfly pavilion.

 Anyone know this fella?

We ended our day at the "alien" playground near the library.

We call it that because it looks like it was designed by and for space aliens.

Very fun!


Annabelle said...

Yeah! Happy first day of school! My family has relocated for a year (or two) to Honolulu (!)from Michigan thanks to my husband's job. So far everyone has enjoyed the move including me :) My eldest is a senior in high school and his new physics teacher has a link on his website to optical illusions


My youngest and I printed out the dragon one and made it (not entirely intuitive) and it is really cool!

He also has some other fun physics links that I think you can reach without being logged in to the school site.


Sorry to hear about family health problems. I will pray for them. I don't expect that you have continued to follow my sister's story on Caringbridge but we are just waiting for Jesus to come take her home. What a journey it has been.

Just one more link for you. Your husband may enjoy this story about a mystery writer who died yesterday in my home town. I had a friend who was a retired English prof at Univ of Mich, a brilliant man. Elmore Leonard was one of my friend Leo's favorite authors. When Leonard died yesterday I found this older story about his "rules for writing" :)


(I don't keep my exclamation points under control very well, see rule #5) :)

Wendy said...

Wow, Hawaii? Seriously?! Aloha!!!

Thanks so much for the links! I had seen the news of Leonard's passing in and seen his "rules." I immediately thought, "Ooooh, I use too many exclamation points!!!" :P

But, seriously, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. She had slipped off my prayer radar, but I will go back to praying for her, and get the kids to pray, also.

Please keep me posted, it reminds me to pray.