Sunday, December 1, 2013

Poem of the Week: Advent

Expectans Expectavi
by Anne Ridler
The candid freezing season again:
Candle and cracker, needles of fir and frost;
Carols that through the night air pass, piercing
The glassy husk of heart and heaven;
Children's faces white in the pane, bright in the tree-light.
And the waiting season again,
That begs a crust and suffers joy vicariously:
In bodily starvation now, in the spirit's exile always.
O might the hilarious reign of love begin, let in
Like carols from the cold
The lost who crowd the pane, numb outcasts into welcome.

HT: Advent Poetry Companion - Well worth a look, they have a lovely free printable Advent poetry journal!

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