Friday, December 20, 2013

Return of the Gingerbread

 This year we decided to host our own gingerbread house contest and party!
3rd Prize Individual and Birthday Girl!

The party was to celebrate the end of the semester for Anatomy and Physiology, Adventurers, and co-op.

3rd Prize Family
 The contest was because we had missed the deadline for the Darnall's Chance contest!

Our super sweet cousin won third prize in the individual division for this charming cottage.  It was her 11th birthday, so she also was awarded the birthday prize of a giant snowflake cookie cutter!

Oob and Mxyl took third prize in the family division with this happy house.  Oob did the house and Mxyl did the intricate design on the roof.

2nd Prize Individual
Choclo won second individual prize for "King Candy's Castle."  He had all sorts of stories about what the different gummy bears were doing all over the castle!
2nd Prize Family

A pair of clever sisters took 2nd prize and the Popular Choice Trophy for this gingerbread village.

1st Prize Individual

Klenda took first prize and won a giant snowflake cookie cutter for her "Winter Gazebo."  If you expand the picture, you can see the inside is decorated with little seats and things - very pretty!

1st Prize Family

Leena and Zorg took first prize in the family division for this amazing and creative sailing ship (look, it has life savers!).  They also won a set of snowflake cookie cutters.

It was really fun running our own contest, we think we'll do it again next year!

I'd also like to mention that the nearness of Christmas seems to have added $6-$8 to the price of each of the cookie cutters.  You might want to try them in January!

You can look through tales of gingerbreads past here.

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