Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Advent!

 Each Advent we have six daily practices.  Why six?  Six Zoomlians each get to do one Advent thing a day.  We rotate through who does what, of course.

Kid one (Choclo today) opens a door on the Advent House.  Inside is a little Playmobil nativity figure.  And six pieces of candy, which kid one gets to give out.

And, of course, they get to place the figure (a lamb today, the camel just shows up - he doesn't fit in the Advent House).
 Kid two (Oob today), gets the Jesse Tree.  I read a short reading from the Old and New Tesaments about Creation, while Oob looked through the bag to find the "Earth" ornament. 

That's harder than it sounds at the beginning: there are nearly 30 possible ornaments since the length of Advent varies.

Kid three (Mxyl) gets to light and blow out the Advent candles at each meal.

Kid four (Klenda) gets to choose a gift for us to offer Jesus.  Today she suggested we all try to speak kindly and lovingly to each other.

 Child five (Zorg) gets to choose and unwrap an Advent book.  We have... an embarrassment of Advent and Christmas books!  More than 50, at any rate, so I wrap half (making sure to include a lot of favorites), and leave half "free."  It actually makes sure all the books are enjoyed. 

Most of the books are religious, but it's a pretty varied collection.  There are comic books, board books, lift the flaps, picture books, you name it.  Some are seriously beautiful, like Spirit Child, and some are seriously silly, like Santa Cows.  All well loved!

Child six (Leena) gets to pick an ornament.  Today she picked the snow globe you can see near the Advent House.

We've also put up our manger, which the kids are filling with hay as symbols of their prayers and sacrifices making their hearts a soft place for Jesus at Christmas.

I love Advent!  May your Advent be a peaceful and hope filled season, and may Christmas find each of us with soft hearts, ready for the infant King.

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Sue Elvis said...


I love the way you have organised your Advent activities. We do similar things to you but we've already got behind on the Jesse tree readings, and I don't even think we started the Advent calendar! Andy has been so busy at school. He's been home late to dinner every evening, and as we like to wait for him before doing anything, nothing has got done! Never mind. We'll just have to have a Jesse tree evening and read everything at once.

Wow! What a huge collection of books you have!