Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Aquarium Time

Giant Australian freshwater ray
We are taking our usual break from Adventurers during the plague season months of January and Februaury. 

coming to look at the Zoomlians
We discovered long ago that it does no good to plan events during this time because so many kids get sick this time of year, and we would inevitably pass around the latest stomach bug whenever we did manage to meet.

Freshwater croc looking for a snack
But that doesn't mean we don't go anywhere! 

Right after Christmas break is nearly as good a time to hit the most popular destinations as right after school starts.  This time we went back to the aquarium, and it was as quiet as I've ever seen it.  There were a few school groups, but the chaperones tend to run the kids through the exhibits pretty quickly, so they washed past us early on.

 I hated rushing through things on field trips as a kid!  I see why they have to do it, but we love to linger and see everything and talk with the docents.

The Baltimore Aquarium really intends to be a magical experience, and the and the animals really reward a second look.  Or a third.

The Zoomlians have always had a special interest in all things ocean, and we don't get to the Aquarium very often.  They have sharks!  And puffins!  And sea horses!  Choclo had just dissected a starfish and he got to see one moving around on it's little tube feet.
Yes, the Baltimore Aquarium is expensive, but wonderful in every sense of that word!

That's a moray!

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