Monday, January 13, 2014

Can you Guess This Flower?

 It surprised me by blooming around New Year's.

Mostly I was surprised because I didn't know this plant bloomed!

That lovely Christmas blossom is the flower of....
Our venus fly trap!

I kept meaning to blog about  getting Aphrodite (does the plant have a name because it's carnivorous, and therefore like an animal?).

At any rate, we bought her over the summer, while on vacation, and I presumed, like all the other venus fly traps we've ever gotten, it would curl up and die.

Maybe the Zoomlians naming her was encouraging!

Incidentally, before I saw an actual venus fly trap, I had read a lot about them, and seen some nature documentaries.  I had somehow reached the conclusion that they were about three times as large as they actually are.  The width of that pot is a little smaller than my index finger.  They must be using really small flies in those documentaries or they are hiding really big plants somewhere!

Of course, I also thought that platypuses (playpi?) were the size of actual wombats, and wombats were nearer the size of actual platypi, so maybe it's a personal problem!

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