Monday, September 29, 2014

More Bored Games

The Zoomlians having been playing some more bored games.  These are not board games, these are games you play when you are bored.  They are usually done when you have to wait in line, or at a doctor's office, or in the car- that sort of thing.

For some reason they had been going on a Rock, Paper, Scissors jag.  I was getting a little tired of hearing, "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot." (it was making me bored!), and I had heard there were more variations out there.  A quick Google search turned up these pleasing diagrams!

So now they are doing that.

We've also gone back to a game we used to play when they were much younger.  You think of something, then something that rhymes with the first thing.  Then people have to guess by asking questions, and you have to guess what they are talking about.   It goes like this:

"I'm thinking of something that rhymes with blue."

"Is it something on my foot?"

"No, it's not a shoe."

"Is it something a cow says?"

"No, it's not  moo'"

"Is it somthing like soup?"

"Yes!  It's stew."

It's fun because the older kids come up with some pretty tricky things!

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