Monday, September 15, 2014

Mums the Word

Yes, I know the autumnal equinox is still a week away, but it must be Fall: the mums are here!

I had a Behnkes gift certificate and a coupon, both burning a hole in my pocket!

I always pick  mums that are just starting to bloom so that I can watch them open up.
My doorway will get prettier and prettier for the next month or more!

And, of course, that meant it was time to get the Fall tablecloth out.

And I grabbed some bulbs for Spring...

Yes, I know, I did plant more than 300 bulbs last year.  And they were fabulous!

These were to plant for my folks when I go visit next!

Although I always wonder if I can't squeeze a few more bulbs in somewhere around here...

Maybe a few more fancy tulips.  I love fancy tulips!

And daffodils, I love daffodils!

And that is how I get into trouble!

You know what else I like?

Bonsai!  Behnke's now has hundreds of bonsai, including these beautiful groves.  Their bonsai master is amazing!

At least I know I am not in the time of my life for bonsai.



Sue Elvis said...


It might be a silly question, but are 'mums' chrysanthemums? We think of these flowers as Mother's Day flowers. But for both of us, they mean autumn or fall is here!

Every spring we have a tulip festival in a near-by town. It must only be a week or so away. Usually the tulips are spectacular. I always wonder how the gardeners get the tulips to look their best for the two weeks of the festival. What if they flowered too early? I don't think I'd like the job of deciding when to plant the bulbs!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! They are chrysanthemums, and I remember them being called that when I was a kid and lived further north. I don't know why, but they never seemed to be called that here. It reminds my Nigerian friend teasing me about calling hippopotamuses "hippos." He said, "You Americans, you shorten everything!"

It's so funny to think of Mother's Day as being a fall holiday! Are you enjoying the change of seasons?

I do know that with flower show tulips, they manage the temperature around the tulips to make sure they bloom on time. I remember some tulips being covered with cloches to get them to bloom faster.

Our tulips come marked with "early," "mid," or "late" season, so I imagine that helps. It shouldn't matter when they are planted, I would think, because they each have their own biological clock tuned to the soil temperature.