Friday, September 19, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Can You Put This On the Blog?

 1. From Klenda, who found a fly in her soup, and wanted evidence.

So, yes, all those fly in the soup jokes, they're all true!

You have been warned.

You're welcome.

 2.  This is not a picture of a penguin explosion in Choclo's room.

Actually, it's a picture of a penguin pod race, as in the pod race in the second Star Wars prequel which Choclo just saw and loved, and yet was, for me, so forgettable that I can't remember it's name AND I can't be bothered even to Google it.

The three penguin pod won.
 3.  It's me. Hello!

The Emperor was visiting old friends out of state and asked me to send a selfie.

There may yet come a day when I can take a selfie without being photobombed by a kid, but that day is not today.

Thanks be to God!

4. Not to be freaky, but we are another big dissection kick!  I thought I'd skip the picture on this one.

You're welcome.

Seriously, though: Choclo asked if he could dissect a snake, and a pigeon, and a piggie (are you creeped out yet?), and all the organs (cow eye, sheep kidney, heart, and brain).  And then Oob, not to be outdone, wanted the starter pack of all the basic animals.

When the package came in, we had everything except the sheep brain, so I called them up and told them they had lost my mind, and to please send a replacement.

Which they did. Thank you Home Science Tools.

5. The Lord provided a little extra money, and then provided a few things to spend it on.

I unexpectedly needed (and got) a new washer and dryer, new glasses, a new windshield washer pump, a new alternator, and a new crown.

In the process of getting the royal treatment, my dentist let me watch his robot create the new crown.

I live in the future!!!

And I don't have to worry about that pesky extra money!

 6.  Speaking of the Lord providing, I got to go on retreat for the first time in several years!

It was the regional retreat for Lay Dominicans, so it was all Dominicans all the time.  Great preaching and lots of quiet time.

It was a silent retreat.  As an introvert who usually has a large family around, I didn't have a hard time with that, in fact, I really enjoyed the silence!  I know it's much harder for extraverts.

Near the end I started to wonder how many days of silence it would take to make me actually want to break the silence.  The answer is: more than just one weekend!

But it was still lovely to come home to all the noisy hugs and kisses!!

The retreat house is near the Basilica, so I walked over one evening and got to spend a little time visiting my Mom.

7.  As you probably know, it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Arrrrrrrrrrrr! It's one of our favorite random holidays!

That's Choclo's treasure map, you can tell by the Angry Birrrrrrds.

More fun with Jen!


Sue Elvis said...


I enjoyed your quick takes very much! I love your sense of humour.

I wouldn't have minded seeing some dissection photos but I did like the one of you instead.

I haven't been on a silent retreat for years. The last time I did have that opportunity, I took a baby with me which probably wasn't a good idea. Gemma-Rose couldn't understand why no one would speak to her! I'm glad you were able to get away and have some quiet time for prayer.

Wendy said...

Thanks so much, Sue!

I will put up some dissection photos, but I didn't want to do it the quick takes because it's a link up.

I know some people are very sensitive (I have one kid who doesn't want to see it), so I didn't want to surprise anyone!

Oh, wow! Silent retreat with a baby - very brave!