Friday, October 3, 2014

Seven Quick Takes:the Weird and the Wonderful

1. Ever since Zorg discovered that more people are killed by coconuts than sharks, he has been going off about the dangers of coconuts.

Did you know that coconuts are trying to take over the world?

They look so innocent, sitting there in the grocery store, but they
are watching you with their three tiny malevolent eyes...  

You have been warned!  Eat them! Before they eat you...
This one was delicious.

UPDATE: Zorg tells me that coconuts wanting to eat people is silly.  They just want to crack your skull by falling on your head.  Watch the skies!

2.  Speaking of delicious, Klenda made this fabulous banana cream coconut pie.  Or, possibly, it was a banana coconut cream pie.

At any rate, she swapped out some of the cream for coconut cream, added a little less sugar, and put in some coconut extract.


3.  This short man with a ginger beard and mustache has been spotted wandering round my house.

We've all seen him (except, strangely, Oob, who has never been around when the man showed up) but no one seems to know his name.

He's perfectly polite, but he won't say his name.

Odd.  Very odd.


Thumbs up and a wink from Choclo!
4.  This picture sums up my entire mothering aspirations.

I want to give my kids whatever support they need so that they can do the things they dream of doing.

In this case, Cholo has been dreaming of the day when he can walk across the railing of a bridge the way my older teens do.

Lest you be worried, the bridge is about 3 feet off of swampy mud, and the railing is a good six inches wide, but, for the confidence boost and happiness it gave Choclo, it could have been the Grand Canyon!

5.  Our technology tells so much about us.

 I keep a clipboard full of Things Which Must Not Be Lost.  I call it my MyPad.

It's full of apps.  I usually keep my weekly to do list as the top  app, but I have sheets of paper apps for all situations:  calendar  apps, medical appointment notes apps, math apps, forms I ought to fill out apps, and even a neat drawing app that lets you draw anything you like in any color of crayon that you happen to have on hand- it even has games like tic tac toe, dots, and other fun stuff!

Plus, when the power runs low, you can always have a cup of tea!

I came across this on the MyPad and realized it said a lot about my life.

If you can't tell, it has various diagrams of eyeballs, geometric curves, basic calculus functions, and a note about which hubcaps my mom needed.


6. I love fall!  The mums are blooming, the leaves are just starting to change, the pumpkins are...pumpkining, and the apples have arrived!

I love it when the air gets crisp and the humidity vanishes so that the sky gets a deep true blue. Everything feels fresh and new.

I love decorating with fall stuff, especially pretty fall things at the front door. She's so welcoming, isn't she?  Makes it feel like home!


7. You can tell I'm into decorating because I have original works of art on all of my walls.

This one I like to call, "I  Have a Nine Year Old Boy."

Have a great weekend!
More fun with Jen!

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