Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gem and Mineral Show

 Catching up with things we've been doing: a few weeks ago, we went to the Gem and Mineral show

We love talking to the people there about rocks and fossils!

Choclo is looking at all the whale and dolphin fossils from the people who got us started looking for shark's teeth.

They gave me a ray pavement!

I hadn't realized that all those ray plates I had found actually fit together to form a pavement.

Klenda got to polish a gem stone.
 We oohed and aahed over rock collections of every size and shape, and of course we added to our collection.

They had lots of free specimens for kids - mostly common pretty rocks like pyrite, citrine, mica and amethyst.

But we also bought  a mosasaur tooth (very large marine reptile from the time of the dinosaurs), and (another) megalodon tooth as well as some other interesting minerals.

I also got a jeweler's loupe equipped with an LED, like a cross between a magnifying glass and a microscope.  Fantastic for looking at crystal structures, of course, but interesting for looking at shells, starfish, bones, seeds, leaves... you get the idea.

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