Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter in New Jersey

 You'll never guess where they hid the Easter eggs!

Ok, to be fair, the eggs were hidden in the yard.

Actually, we were helping Mumpy and Pa change their toilet seats while we were up there.

 Which meant a fun trip to the hardware store!
Oob wearing Pa's glasses

 Which meant I found some more flowers for Mumpy and Pa's garden!

I love to plant things that flower when I can't be there.

I have to be selective though, Mumpy is allergic to many flowers, and the deer are very hungry.

Playing in the yard with Pa

This time I found a beautiful plant, but when I told the Emperor I would like to have a ranunculus, too, he gave me a strange look.

I guess it does sound like a horrible disease!

But it's not, it's a very pretty flower!
And we got to spend Divine Mercy Sunday with my folks, which was a treat!

Here are the Zoomlians at Our Lady Queen of Peace.

I love this statue- it looks like a real mother and baby to me!

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