Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Aquarium

 I had forgotten that Mxyl took his camera to the aquarium!

His pictures capture a different view - I had forgotten how much time we spent in the Australia exhibit.

Or that we had seen their bats moving around a little.
 His pictures also tend toward the more artistic in both the classical (great composition on the turtle picture!) and the experimental sense (mirrored halls).

With some pictures, I'm not sure where or how he even took them! 

But they are very cool!

This is an actual picture without Photoshop.
 He also tends to get pictures that I don't think to take, but tell more of the story: here we are walking back to the van.  It's a beautiful day, the kids are still full of high spirits, so we stopped off at a park to play.

And I also forgot to post this video I took of the archer fish :

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