Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hppy Birthday, Oob!

 Oob is 8!

He had a great birthday.

 Presents from people who love him!

 A Bionicle cake with swirly colors inside! (Thank you, Klenda!)

And pizza for dinner!

With extra olives!!!

A trip to the Bay!

And lots of fossil shark teeth!

In fact, counting ray plates and bone fragments, we found 134 fossils!

And we spent a lot of time just playing in the sand and water.  A perfect birthday!

8 Amazing Things About Oob

1. He's a morning person, a genuine, crack of dawn, smiling morning person.
2. He's a ferocious snuggler.
3. He tells really silly jokes.
3. He loves gummy bacon (lox) and capers.
4. He's fast with a scooter.
5. He's a Wolf Scout, but he's about to be a Bear Scout.
5. He creates costumes out of everything!
6. He can figure out complicated math in his head.
7. He loves to say the Rosary.
7. He loves to give people flowers.
8. He's mastered the art of super fast Lego building.  Wait, does that mean he's a Master Builder?!

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