Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Leena has shown an uncanny ability to teach herself new technology.  She has an idea and she figures out how to make it happen.

First she decided she wanted to make audio books.  But she didn't want them to be just her reading, she wanted her audios to sound like they were full cast productions, so taught herself audio editing with Wavepad.  She modified her voice for each character, then added in sound effects, and finally incidental music.

Then she got more interested in making her own incidental music, so she taught herself LMMS.

Most recently, she wanted to make music videos, so she figured out Windows Movie Maker.  Right now she's interested in Bionicles, so she is combining existing songs (not necessarily related to Bionicle) with existing Bionicle footage.  She works to put together a coherent story from many parts all while synching the visuals with the music.  It looks like this:

and this:


Sue Elvis said...


Leena has done a great job with the videos! I also love learning how to use new technology. I looked up all the software Leena has been using. LMMS interests me in particular. I think I might download it and start experimenting! Thank you so much for sharing.

Wendy said...

You're very welcome! It's amazing what is freely available if only we know it exists. Thanks so much for commenting, Leena was thrilled both with the comment, and that it came from you(she loves all things Australian).