Friday, May 29, 2015

Seven Quirky Quick Takes

1. Our beloved friend (who has been living with us while she got her master's degree) has graduated!

We gave her this beautiful bouquet of vegetables.

She really, really loves vegetables.  She was moved, and touched, and thrilled. And, before you ask, yes, she enjoyed eating them.

I wouldn't necessarily give you (gentle reader) a bouquet of vegetables, but there's something special about giving a particular person the particular thing they love.

How do you like my nose?!
2.  In other news, Choclo got his first cavity, and thus his first  filling.

Our Very Awesome Pediatric Dentist suggested we use laughing gas (nitrous oxide). This worked well: his tooth is fixed and he was not scarred for life. But.

This involved a bright orange "nose" which Choclo will not allow me to throw away.  He loves it!  He wanted pictures!  It's still on my desk 3 weeks later no matter how many times I "accidentally" knock it into the trash.
3. I had a birthday of record!

Bonus points if you can figure that out with reference to the cake.

Klenda made me her amazing tiramisu cake. Truly swoon worthy!

4.  Speaking of which, my new header is based on this picture which Klenda painted for me for my birthday.

 Actually, all the kids made me things: I got a mosaic stepping stone from Oob, a bird feeder from Choclo, a squid magnet from Leena, a ship model from Zorg, and a Japanese tea mug from Mxyl.

Best birthday ever!

You could name me "My Dog!"
5. One thing I did not get for my birthday: baby doll sheep!   

This was the sheep I was looking for at the Sheep and Wool Festival!  They only get about as big as a normal lamb, and they look like they are always smiling.

Look at that face!  How could my friendly neighborhood code enforcement officer consider him to be livestock?

(Unfortunately, if you bring him within a few yards of Grumpy Cat, you get a universe annihilating explosion.)

I get that joke a lot, actually.
6.  We made another trip up to the Aquarium.

Every time I go without the Emperor, every time, I text him a picture of a really ugly eel.

That's a moray.

7.  I didn't blog at all last week.  It was sunny, breezy, and mild (70s) with no humidity.  I tried not to step inside inside my house.

This week it's been hazy, hot (90s), and humid, so I'm back to blogging (in air conditioned splendor)! I am trying not to step outside my house this week.

Still, I love this picture of Choclo, even if it did force me to admit he needed a hair cut!

Have a great weekend!  More fun with Kelly!

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