Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zoomlians in India

Wrapping up India, we really did eat a lot of Indian food - very yummy!

In our imaginary trip we stayed one day in Agra,  We took a bike tour and saw the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort- so awesome!  We also splurged on a photo safari -so we got to see wild elephants, a tiger (from pretty far away), and (my favorite) rollers!

Non imaginarily,  we watched Jodha Akbar, a movie I love.  It's the movie Klenda mentions, and we recommend it to people who want to try foreign film.  It has something for everyone: war, romance, intrigue, opulence, singing, dancing, elephants, history, and some really excellent sword fights. Plus part of it takes place in the Red Fort!  And the movie really is quite long.
Also our Indian friend made a welcome string with the kids.  That's what Choclo is holding in the video.  It's a pretty string of birds, pom poms, and bells, that hangs in the doorway of many homes (many people leave their doors open).

The Zoomlians made this video after many takes.  Trust me, the other takes were even sillier.

Total spent thus far:  $56,153.  (Good thing we can imagine a lot of money.)

Total distance traveled: 21,000 miles!

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