Thursday, April 14, 2016

Awesome History Middle Ages: King Arthur - Alfred the Great

 This was actually 2 classes, I'm trying to catch up!

The first class covered Clovis, King Arthur, Monastic life, and Christian Africa.

Our active activity was a treasure hunt: The Quest for the Grail!  This was an actual treasure hunt with clues leading to the fancy cup.

 The art activity was calligraphy.  We cut nibs from goose feathers, and used watercolor ink.

We learned that pen knives really are the best tools for turning feathers into pens!

We also learned that cutting a perfect nib that will stand up to lots of writing is pretty difficult.  

Fortunately, cutting a simple nib for mucking about is easy!

 The snack was an Ethiopian spiced honey bread called ambasha. It was very similar to this ambasha recipe, except it had about 1/4 cup of honey also (you would add it along with the water).

Traditional ambasha is flatter than mine came out, but it was seriously delicious!  We ate ours with butter and honey and drank diluted honey as "mead."

That was A Child's History of the World chapters 42-44.

The following week got simplified due to illness.

We did chapters 46-48: Arabic technology, Charlemagne, and Alfred the Great.

Our active activity was Prisoner's Base (for all of Charlemagne's battles).

Our art activity was supposed to be making metal lanterns like we did here.  We were feeling pretty under the weather, so I still have a bunch of ice filled cans in my freezer!

We kept the snack, of course!  We had "Alfred's  Cakes" for the cakes King Alfred burned. With unintentional historical accuracy, I  lost track of time and burned them a bit on the bottom! We also had Brie cheese, reputed to be Charlemagne's favorite.

At this point  I'm 3 classes behind in blogging these classes, so I'll  keep doing double until I catch up...

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