Friday, April 15, 2016

Seven Quick Takes: Disasters, Near Disasters, and Other Awesome Things

 1. I don't usually go political on this blog, but this campaign season has been... unusual. I keep wanting to tell Mxyl (my oldest and a first time voter): I'm sorry!  I'm so, so sorry! No, I'm much sorrier than that!

But there is a solution!  Zoom Times is proud to offer it's first ever candidate endorsement!

Rick Astley! A candidate who will never give you up, let you down, run around, hurt you, say goodbye, make you cry, tell a lie, or hurt you.

2. It's been an incredible week around here.  Leena was confirmed!

It was wonderful! She was thrilled!

The bishop was fantastic!

His homily was the kerygma! He didn't use the word, but it was a very well done encapsulation of our Faith and why it matters.

It looked bigger in real life!
3. In less fun news, Oob asked why there was a bump on the water heater.

The bump turned out to be a large bulge with an ever widening crack at the seam.

Clearly there was no time to panic, but I tell you we made time to panic!

And to pray!

Oob decided he wanted to be a journalist, so he wrote down the whole thrilling experience here.

4. Here's a happy picture.  No, I'm not being sarcastic.

You wouldn't think having your car totaled could be a happy thing, but it was because:

A The kid driving was completely unharmed, in fact no one was injured at all.
B The kid avoided getting squashed by a truck (the actual cause of the accident was a truck cutting in).
C The kid avoided hitting any other cars (on the Capitol beltway during rush hour!), he just skimmed the jersey wall.
D This car had a number of expensive repairs looming!
E All of the above.

5. How about an easier quick take?

I now have  7 sweet little bird houses hanging from the roses in front of my house!

The kids have been sporadically painting these for a while, and I suddenly realized I could make it look like I totally meant to do that!
6.  In other warm weather news, we've been spending more time outside which has meant more hiking, tree climbing, fort building, and obstacle courses, sometimes all at the same time.

And gardening!

 7. Speaking of having a lot of energy, I found Oob's to do list.
It just said: TUESDAY! THINGS TO DO!

Have a great weekend!  More fun with Kelly!


Sue Elvis said...


Oh my, what an entertaining list of things to read about. I did enjoy your quick takes!

Congratulations to Leena on her confirmation. I love the happy family photo.

I'm so glad no one was hurt in the car accident. Oh yes, lots to be grateful for.

And your bird houses are beautiful. I love things that hang and move in the breeze. I don't have any bird houses, but I do have some birds. They hang from poles over our family and living room windows. My favourite birds are strings of felt ones that the girls made for me. I also have glass mobiles and hearts and other things. We don't have curtains at our windows. I decided I prefer lots of light and a big view and my hanging things.

Thank you for visiting my blog earlier. Your comment about leeches made me smile. It made my day!

Leena Valtapaz said...

Wow. Everyone's gotta have their to-do list start with "THINGS TO DO!" XD