Friday, April 29, 2016

Seven Quick Takes: Implausible Explanations for Random Photos

1. The reason so many of my children have shown up with beards made of bubbles is that they all have a deep devotion to St. Nicholas of Myra.

Or maybe it's St. Anthony of Egypt.

I'm pretty sure it's one of those.

2. The reason my teenagers try to look like superheroes every time I try to take their picture is that they actually are superheroes.

They just don't want me to know because they don't want their dear mother to worry too much.

3. They need to be superheroes to save their younger siblings who otherwise must cower together in rocky holes to avoid the dreaded Papparazi Mother who wants "Just One Nice Picture of Everyone Smiling" for the blog.

We know how that always turns out!

But with supersiblings, they can relax...

4. Great news!

We finally found a way to clean up all the Legos.

5. In other news, we  found a picture of Crazy Dave when he was little.

6. Which reminds me: the real reason I  love to  garden is that I play (too much) Plants vs. Zombies.

I know it's just a game, but if the zombies ever do show up, my house is safe!

7. Lastly, here's an actual explanation: This is me, geeking out over the Emperor's grandfather's steampunk microscope!

No kidding, it's a Bausch and Lomb microscope from 1902!

I love it!  It's gorgeous!

However, I was happy to pass it on to my niece because it isn't nearly as powerful a microscope as any of my four.

Have a great weekend!  More fun with Kelly!


Jenny @ Unremarkable Files said...

Your method for cleaning up the Legos is ingenious! We need to get one of those. Possibly two.

Wendy said...

Thanks! For years I thought the giant leaf vacuum truck was the only answer, but this is so much more complete! :D