Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Oob's Custom Blog Post 2!

hello! i am about to show you a picture and tell you what it says!

 It says:
"At first it was an average day.

Until some people walked in!

They spoke Japanese!

They were the water heater changers!

At first they plugged a hose into our old water heater!

A few minutes later, they pushed our old water heater!

There was a lot of stuff under it!  They pushed and pulled levers! And something beeped!  I was glad when it was over!

They used a vacuum cleaner!  Their phone rang!

The singing teacher came!  Everyone came except Choclo!  The basement door was closed!

I heard, 'Bang! Mash! Crash!' It was LOUD! Especially the singing!

I heard electric screwdrivers!

The singing sounded like, 'Veee-A!  Veee-A! Veee-A!'

It was crazy!  Too crazy!  I left!"

I Want To Be A Journalist! 3 Of 5 Step's Are Complete!"Step 1:write it!Step 2:make 2 adult's approve it! Step 3:publish it!''

Step 4 will be: Make a cover!
Step 5 will  be: Make copies of it and sell it as mini newspapers!

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